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Silver items - 90% of the silver I work with is made from Sterlium Plus sterling silver. It is a proprietary blend of tarnish resistant sterling silver made by United Precious Metals Refinery. I find it to be whiter than Argentium silver and more structurally sound when applying heat to. While it is tarnish resistant like Argentium, eventually all sterling silver will tarnish. I recommend keeping your sterling silver items in a small ziplock bag or tarnish inhibiting pouch. When tarnish needs to be removed I recommend Goddard’s Silver Polish Foam. For items heavily tarnished leave the foam on for a few minutes before rinsing off. This polish is safe for all the stones I use in my work. I do not recommend using silver “dips” of any kind as they are destructive to the silver over time. 

Gold items - I use a solution of two parts very warm water with one part simple green. Soak the item(s) for about two to three minutes then use a soft toothbrush to clean the item before rinsing. This solution is safe for all the stones I use in my work.